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“Fr@nkenstein, or the 8 bit Prometheus” book OUT NOW!

Through some sort of low-resolution séance, the author evokes the spirit of corpse reviver Giovanni Aldini (1762-1834), credited with having inspired The Modern Prometheus. Aldini tells a compressed version of the original Frankenstein story, exposing its language to retro-gaming jargon and simplifying the plot as if it were an arcade game. The aforementioned 18th-century electrifier was the nephew of eminent scientist Luigi Galvani, who lived in MIDIevil Bologna just like the author of this new classic.

Sbrang Gabba Gang

Riccardo Balli explores the parallels of gabber and futurist ideas by way of personal accounts, literary mash-ups of Futurist manifestos and a storyline that follows the vandalistic shenanigans of a posse of gabber-futurists consisting of Dominator Marinetti, Luigi “Holy Noise” Russolo, Luciano “Thunderdome” Folgore and Giacomo Balla/Balli.
These ideas further come to life in a series of anaglyphic images to be explored with special magenta-green 3D glasses attached to each volume.

Avant-garde from Below

TITLE: Avant-garde from Below FORMAT: BOOK PRICE: 27€ [for shipment price contact] Published by Rokko’s Adventures (#16.1) Edited by Charlotte Maconochie Designed by Michael Hanisch 409 pages, including 44 photos and illustrations             Clemens Marschall’s book Avant-garde from Below: Transgressive Performance from Iggy Pop to Joe Coleman and GG […]

“Golden days before they end” by Clemens Marschall and Klaus Pichler

They still exist, these little cafés, inns, Branntweiner [small drinking places that open early in the morning], bars or – as the customers refer to these places – dens, where time seems to have stopped. Klaus Pichler (photos) and Clemens Marschall (text) chose not to walk by, but to walk in those places, in order to document these parallel universes. The book is a swan song for these bars that have shaped their customers’ existences for decades, places that are soon to disappear forever.