sonic belligeranza

Sonic Belligeranza off-radar music label since the year 200000
music videos

GALVANIzed – Dj Balli +Amphibian

” GALVANIzed by blackout jappening just when Galvani is about to twitch frog’s leg ” dj Balli + Amphibian
From “GALVANIzed” (2019, Urbsounds)

“Necroviagra” by Rancid Opera


Your Gabber Is My Polka Bolognoise

yes a video trilogy just like 2 cups and a girl by Kieślowski….

“anal-Pinochet” by Rancid Opera

Shot in the same location where P.P.Pasolini did his “Salò, or the 120 days of Sodom” > RATS IN THE ASS > YOU RAP!!!

“Whipping a Boyscout” by Dj Balli

from “Boyscout-Ravers Must Die!” ep 2007