sonic belligeranza

Sonic Belligeranza off-radar music label since the year 200000


Boyscout retro


PRICE: 130€


Wake your neighbours in a classic analog soundsystem style, lots of sounds and bleeps out there!

– TRIGGERS: red push button and toggle switch to “ring the alarm”!
– VOLUME: output level control
– BASE: VCO pitch (4 presets)
– MODE: audio waveform selection, two kind of sinusoidal, test tone and square wave (4 presets)
– BEAT: 3 presets for LFO modulation speed and a manual envelope generator (“off” position)
– “Signal” and “Siren” buttons: manual sound modulation
– OUTPUT: standard 6.3 mm mono 1/4 jack
– POWER INPUT: 12V DC, 1A, 2.1 mm (jack polarity: center positive). A european PSU will be provided (in other countries you may need an adapter) or a suitable PSU from the country where you are).

Always pass the siren through a fat echo/delay and enjoy to the max!

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