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The NEW New Age

A gleam of hope is visible  at the end of the tunnel. Aquarius Ωmega starts now their 333 days of music rehearsal to prepare a celebratory live-act planned for the end of current pandemic .This gig is going to be part of their trans-chronological tour “Bring The NEW New Age”:


– .. The FRENCHTEK of 1518
– Black Death Pandemic, London 1665;
– Cholera, New York 1833;
– Third Pandemic, Bombay 1896;
– Spanish Flu, Madrid 1918;
– COVID 19: date and location to be confirmed soon.

note: – when beats are so fast you can’t detect them: #extratone =  #ambient

AO-01-01c AO-03-01b

AO-05-01a AO-02-01a

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