Sbrang Gabba Gang

4 Aprile 2020

TITLE: Sbrang Gabba Gang, gabber reconstruction of the universe
PRICE: 20€

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published by Lupetti editore,
Chili Com Carne and Rokko’s adventures 160p.
bb7w with illustration and photographs
Full color cover and full color cover anaglyphs.
Each volume comes with attached a pair of 3d glasses

cover Art by Nicolò Masiero Sgrinzatto
3d images/anaglyphs: Teresa Prati
book design: Denny Donato Debellis
book by Dj Balli

Movements that dig velocity. Movements that worship war. Movements that have been accused of being fascist. Sbrang gabba gang is the sound of two cultural movements violently crashing into each other at breakneck speed. What happens when the Italian futurist avant-garde clashes with gabber, a belligerent strain of hardcore techno and the Netherland’s first proper youth culture?

Sbrang gabba gang will introduce you to the strange custom of forming human pyramids at gabber raves, futurist after-shave cocktails and Pietro Cannata, the man who took a hammer to the toes of Michelangelo’s David.

In sbrang gabba gang, Riccardo Balli explores the parallels of gabber and futurist ideas by way of personal accounts, literary mash-ups of Futurist manifestos and a storyline that follows the vandalistic shenanigans of a posse of gabber-futurists consisting of Dominator Marinetti, Luigi “Holy Noise” Russolo, Luciano “Thunderdome” Folgore and Giacomo Balla/Balli.

These ideas further come to life in a series of anaglyphic images to be explored with special magenta-green 3D glasses attached to each volume.