5 Febbraio 2022
1. Gather the participants
Three is the minimum number of Game Boy participating to a séance (Game Boy Classic, Advance and Color).
2. Choose a medium
 This will be the person who will lead the séance and should be someone who has experience or psychic abilities.
MC Shell8Bit is nominated for the task!
3. Decide on who you will be summoning
 Are you seeking connection with an ancestor, or just wanting to see who’s out there? I’m seeking for Giovanni Aldini (1762 – 1834).
4. Set the table
Place three backlight on the three retro devices. Join them via Game Boy link cable. Light the Classic, the Advance and the Color.
5. Gather everyone around the table and hold the retro devices linked tight to create a circle
Summon the spirit by setting the same sound on Pulse 1 and Pulse 2 in unison, on each Game Boy Lsdj.
6. Wait for the Game Boy startup sound


When everyone is satisfied, end the séance by thanking the spirit for visiting, breaking the circle of Game Boy link cable, extinguishing the screens brightness, and turning off the retro devices
… the 8 bit Prometheus!