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Sonic Belligeranza off-radar music label since the year 200000
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Sbrang Gabba Gang FULL PAGE review on the Wire #443

Frankenstein, or the 8-Bit Prometheus

Frankenstein, or the 8-Bit Prometheus – Micro-literature, hyper-mashup, Sonic Belligeranza records 17th anniversary by Riccardo Balli The Reddit Controversy Riccardo Balli, however obscure and enigmatic he might appear in his writing and featured on his picture discs, has shown that he can be highly lucid and brilliantly persuasive in expounding his ideas when he is […]

Riccardo Balli—Gabber Futurism



Recently EXTRATONE received attention from a multitude of music media from Bandcamp Daily, to MixMag, Telecom Electronic Beats,, TheMusicEssentials,  DjMag, Brain Magazine, Boiler Room  and more. Somehow it was all originated from these interviews freelance music journalist Dave Jenkins did with Sonic Belligeranza crew: Dave Jenkins: Firstly, can you fill me in a little on your book? The concept seems brilliantly […]

“THE FRENCHTEK OF 1518” a literary-remix

La piaga del ballo ovvero il frenchtek del 1518 THE FRENCHTEK OF 1518 This text is a literary remix of an article by Ned-Pennant Rea*1 interspersed with urban myths, rumors, gothic horrors, lies and madness from oral history of Rave in Italy. The additions to the original text conjured by a round table of Tekno […]


Somehow our babbling about gabba-futurism attracted the interest of fashion designers and king of sales to the point we’ve been appointed testimonal of the famous “DO IT” brand for 2017: Nike News , Vibe , Black Flag , 亚平宁情节 , Konbini , Kenlu , Sneakers magazine , SNKRBX and more.     Furthermore on pretty much the same subject there’s been this contribution of mine to this volume: “Le Silver: an Italian […]

SONIC BELLIGERANZA: delirio di uno schizo-argonauta

Un afoso pomeriggio di quest’estate sono andato a casa di Riccardo Balli. Tra refrigeranti Estathé de la muerte, cartelle ricolme di materiale d’archivio e scaffali zeppi di dischi, abbiamo parlato insieme della sua Sonic Belligeranza, cercando di analizzare il profilo sfaccettato che distingue la label da anni. Il brano che segue tenta di ritrarre lo […]

The Wire review – n.290

Dj Balli featuring Ed The Skater in skatebord We Noize ! – SONIC BELLIGERANZA A whacked out picture disc here, comprised of two extremely unusual pieces. The first uses skateboarding sounds as source – ollies, rail grinds, everything – cut and splieced into big groaning chunks of noise and gruel. It’ll make every dog withing […]

Il Manifesto review – 11/01/2017 – English version

STRAIGHT OUTTA BEL PAESE This interview was published on the Italian communist newspaper Il Manifesto on 11/01/2017 If you are familiar with DJ Balli, you probably know his output is often over the top, against common sense, and mostly oblivious of any music barrier. But you might also know that his is a well thought […]

Il Manifesto review – 11/01/2017 – Versione italiana

Chi conosce Dj Balli sa bene che nei suoi lavori si muove sempre al limite, sfidando il senso comune e contro ogni barriera musicale. Ma sa anche che la sua è una ricerca ragionata, pazza quanto meticolosa. Rancid Opera con il disco Azionismo Bolognese in Rap (Sonic Belligeranza) è il suo ultimo delirante progetto che […]

The Wire review – n.403

Riccardo Balli is a longtime fixture on the weirdo music scene in Bologna, Italy. He has run labels and done all manner of noisy turntable work. For this project he has taken a lovely album of Bolognese accordion music and fiddled with it in a variety of evil ways. Long parts are presented straight up, […]