16 Aprile 2022
NJD style dub siren is an analog that allows many combinations of killer sounds and bleeps.

CONTROLS: - VOLUME: output level control - BASE: VCO pitch (4 presets) - MODE: audio waveform selection, two kind of sinusoidal, test tone and square wave (4 presets) - BEAT: 3 presets for LFO modulation speed and a manual envelope generator ("off" position) - "Signal" and "Siren" push buttons: manual sound modulation with BEAT switch in "off" position. - Audio output: standard 6.3 mm mono 1/4 jack. - Power input: 12V DC, 1A, 2.1 mm (jack polarity: center positive). A european PSU will be provided (in other countries will be necessary to get an adapter or a suitable PSU from the country where you are). Power plug included. Pass the NJD style dub siren through a fat echo/delay and nice up the dance! no-mass-production-by-Mr Law

For shipping price contact balli333@gmail.com